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"In Montana" - is centered on Montana – and particularly the wild lands, the hardy people, and the outdoor lifestyle found here. The music is rich with acoustic guitars, natural percussion, and vocal harmony.  All the songs on the album incorporate a high degree of ecological conservationism and promote and encourage a deep respect for our wilder-lands and our wilder-life.  The title track - “In Montana” - was written to serve as an uplifting and inspiring state theme song for natives and visitors alike. “The River Bitterroot” describes those water’s inspiring effect; “Your Montana Home” is both a gentle lullaby and a soulful requiem (to welcome our babies to their new home, and to send our departed off to sleep); “Grandfather of the Wilderlands” is a tribute to the wisdom of Montana’s mountain folks; “Campfire”, “Fresh Mountain Air”, “On A Windy Winter Night”… all of the pieces reflect some aspect of wild nature as experienced in Montana...and anywhere the Wilder-Lands and Wilder-Life are allowed to remain "wild".  We endorse Wilder Wildlands, and we sing with gratitude to those dedicated souls who devote themselves to protecting it..we owe you.  Read the Lively Times Review.

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"The Saga of Shipwreck Key" - Robust sailor music reflecting the depths and moods of the sea – sometimes gentle and lulling, sometimes violent like “The Raging Main”…always blue, always dynamic, always calling…  The Saga is a SEVENTEEN MINUTE (17 +) LONG event!  It tells the six-part tale of a sailor's voyage through "The Raging Main" (beware! this movement truely "rages") and onto the mythical Shipwreck Key - then "Rescue" and the subsequent quest to return...  If you've ever been on the high-seas in a storm, or daydreamed about some Sailor Paradise on some remote tropical isle then you need to inhale The Saga of Shipwreck Key...like a deep draw of salt air (but hold your breath & hang-on through The Raging Main!).

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"The Wine Album" - Classic, Romantic and delicious; smooth, slow and dreamy… like a fine vintage wine in an old-school/retro/Latin/slow jazz/new-folk sort of way.    If very fine wine had a voice and could sing it would sound like this; if it could communicate in words we might understand it would doubtless sing these very lyrics; if the vintages speak to you listen to them here.  Enjoy The Wine Album and its' varietals slowly, savor the flavors paired in the music bouquet.   Enjoyed best slowly… in an easy time, with fine company and fine vintages nearby.  Light a low fire, toast the night, and set a mood.

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 "Blue Waters Call"is a collection of new music articulating the bond and the timeless link between sailors and the oceans, the seas, and the rivers that call to them in their dreams... "Come Home to the Sea...Come Home to Me". These songs go far, far beyond that old "yo-ho-ho blah-blah-blah" pirate-centric stuff of amusement park fantasy...forget all that.    This is music and sung-poetry intimately describing the sailor's yearning, the Sea's calling, and the Water's Truth that draws certain of us down to the sea in our ships, or on our boards, or just to walk the beach for miles to drink it all in.  
Riding On A Rainbow is full of Sweet, full bodied acoustic guitar; western-style lead guitar licks; and good-old-school romantic crooning of amore' and love for your baby! It's all about love, and the music both leads and follows where that mood inspires it. Light a low fire...       click HERE to read the complete album notes and reviews.
Chris also composed all of the music on Cascade Timber's first two albums (Earth Home  &  In The Mountains):
"Earth Home" and “In The Mountains” were recorded on analogue equipment in the 1990s and are filled with acoustic guitars, natural percussion, and sweet voices that sometimes soar like the mountains themselves - and sometimes whisper like a breeze through the pines.
 The operative musical concept for both of these albums is "acoustic".  And both albums are filled with songs of the Earth, the Sea, and the Sky...songs born of love, peace, and Joy... and songs reflecting the voice and the wonder of nature in the wild.    
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