A great way to enjoy live “natural-folk” music in the most comfortable of settings is to host a “house concert” in your home (or other favorite place; i.e. boat decks or boat house, pool deck, campsite around the campfire…). You get to control the by-invitation-only audience; you control the libation rules; you set the date/time; you provide whatever eats & drinks you like (BYOB and pot-lucks work great); and you can permit “donations” to help offset the expenses if you choose (maybe even come out ahead).

It works something like this:
   1. Pick a few dates that work for you (primary and alternates),
   2. Contact your performer to coordinate (hopefully, that’d be me - see the "contact page").  I'll travel overland anywhere in Western America or Canada to sing in your favorite home-space.
   3. Start contacting your invite “A-list”.  I will provide a nice custom downloadable poster/flyer for you to use in building up your event (samples below). Be sure to highlight that this is a CONCERT that you are hosting at your home – not just another party (unless it is, and thats fine too!), and that it is a listening & interactive live musical event, mention if donations are welcome/expected (I always welcome them!, but it’s your house), and mention that CD’s and merchandise will be available for sale between sets.
   4. Set up a good listening area for your guests – anything from lawn chairs arranged in a semi-circle, to sofas, or even logs rolled around the campfire.  All I need is a few square feet for my barstool and PA (see typical stage plot), for very small/very intimate living-room shows we may decide that no PA is needed – and that’s fine, otherwise I need access to 110v AC.
   5. You host, I’ll sing, it’ll be nice! And your guests will all talk about “the concert at your house” for a long time to come!  House concerts are very special & VERY cool, and pulling then off is a piece-of-cake... just get in touch and we'll work it out - way too easy.
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Big Beach Party w/CMB on the edge of the Pacific Rim - 2013 HUGE FUN!
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Stage Plot
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