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Christopher Bianco is a freelance solo troubadour, “In Montana” is his seventh CD/album release.  As the name implies, this album is set and grounded in the Rocky Mountain state of Montana but it is intended to be symbolmatic of all the Earths wilder places. The music is rich and deep with acoustic guitars, natural skin-percussion, and vocal harmonies as high as the Eagles & as low as the canyons.

All of the nine songs on this album were written, recorded, produced, and published by Bianco and Wildersong.    Everything is focused on highlighting key significant aspects of all wilderlife & wilderlands, the beauty, the soul-filling inspiration, and the lasting imprint of the wild that engenders a lifelng love and respect for these places - something our modern world could use more of.   The title track In Montana was written to serve as an uplifting and inspiring state theme song for natives and visitors alike.   “The River Bitterroot” describes that rivers (and indeed all water’s) inspiring effect;  “Your Montana Home” is both a gentle lullaby and a soulful requiem (to welcome Montana’s babies to their new home, and to send the departed off to sleep);   “Grandfather of the Wilderlands” is a tribute to the wisdom of all the wilderness elders;  “Campfire”, “Fresh Mountain Air”, “On A Windy Winter Night”… all of the pieces on “In Montana” reflect some aspect of wild nature as experienced in the wilder places.  All of all the songs on this album promote and encourage a deep respect for the wilder-lands and the wilder-life; all clean, wholesome, and refreshing...like drinking in the Fresh Mountain Air itself... drink it in.
“Bianco’s devotion to all things wild leads him to write and sing about the peace and enjoyment nature lends the human soul... There’s a lot more. Bianco, through his gentle music, encourages us to stop, listen and absorb with all our senses the wildness that we Montanans take for granted.”
- The Lively Times,
   May 2014
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